I will stop using this blog completely, BUT I will open a new one with HUNGARY and keep is as hungarian as I can! (and new style)

but I need you to tell me, which one you would love to see

  1. Erzsébet - Hungary (1p, female)
  2. Katalin - 2p Hungary (female)
  3. Dániel - Male Hungary (1p)
  4. Hungary AU (not decided on the AU, open for ideas what you wish to see her in)

Send me a number or a name (other is accepted with Hungary). answer on this post

Which one should I make?


I think a restart with Hungary and Nyo!Hungary

((I’ll think about that, thank for your comment (only one yet)

Currently I am busy with other blogs, but as I have a little freetime I will start and post the link to the new blog, that means this blog will be officially closed for asks [leave it online in case if someone wants to check it]))


sorry if you were offended by what I said last ask

((oh, noo, I went to sleep and since then I didn1t check tumlbr to see the ask xD))

I've never been to an anime convention :( I think that Hungary is a fairly good role model for girls.

((go one, it’s fun anyway, especially for the first time, only one thing I enjoy, when I can hang with friends, in cosplay, we have fun, and meet new people.))

I haven't followed you that long, but my opinion is to leave this here and answer ooc or hungary questions. Your response to my question was interesting because you are from said country. Because you have a different perspective than me. That's just my view on it, but ultimately it's your choice.

((yeah, I would always answer any hungary related asks I got. I leave this blog here anyway, even I restart a new hungary blog with the character, where I could try to be as hungarian I could, do everything better that I couldn’t do here, but leave this blog up on tumblr, if anyone wants to see this one.

and I am happy you found my opinion of my country in hetalia. that is why hungary of hetalia is so loved in hungary. she is really portrayed well… and who would not love a manly girl xD

in cons, we mostly see like 4-5 hungary cosplayers (everyone else has 1 or no cosplayers). but we don’t have that many hetalia cosplayers anyway))

OOC, but important

I am thinking to close this blog completely BUT make a new blog instead of this (as a new restart) BUT I can’t decide, so I am asking:

do you want a 1p hungary, 2p hungary OR male Hungary. (no 2pmalehungary) or 1p hungary with male (no 2p)

or leave this here and answer ooc or hungary related asks. it would be more like an “ask the hungarian” blog, not a real hungary askblog.

I think it's cool that you are actually from Hungary. Is there anything about Himaruya's portrayal of your country that amused or didn't surprise you? For example: America is portrayed as having a hero complex. When I thought about it, it made sense that other countries would see America that way, seeing that we like to meddle in other countries businesses.

((I personally think, hungary is completely fine as himaruya did her. her braveness in fight and strong is just perfect. and this idea to make her girl just make it perfect.

this idea, that she thought she was a boy as little shows that hungary was as strong as a boy nation, and in the past, when the hungarian tribes arrived, westeurope was scared of hungarians, so we were strong after 1000 hungary was one of the strongest nation. she looses power, when her boobs start to grow, which seemed to be appeared first in the late 1100. she was talking to prussia, and she said something about her chest. she didn1t have boob yet but she didn’t care about it and was able to fight well, and as country she grew slower too. later in the 1500s, when Turkey finally get lands fom hungary, she appeared with boobs and defeated, which is appeared as something that makes her unable to fight like before. this cause that Turkey could take control 1/3 of the lands. [1/3 was under austrian rule, she appeared with austria there and the rest was a very short lived “principality of transylvania” which was also a hungarian kingdom with own king, this is the short time, when hungary has two kings lol] and she appeared later as a maid in austria’s house and she appeared she didn’t enjoy it, but mostly she appeared she loved austria.

and I don’t agree with her birthday, that himaruya choose, because that date (I never heard of that date before because I was really bad at dates in history lol) that sate was stated first as “wedding day” which is the coronation of the hungarian AND austrian king.

but hungary has the “foundation day”, which is celebrated literally as the birth day of the country. This is Aug 20.

and show her more often that she was not enjoying austria that much, because we even had a revolution against them.

I noticed, himaruya didn’t do the characters completely like the stereotypes. it is more how they acted in the history. and america was always the strongest, and the “hero” of the world, I am not surprised he was appeared like he has hero complex. the country is really like that.

or canada is invisible, it’s not because he is shy or depressed, he is invisible, because he never really appeared in the wars like he is part of it, nobody noticed there were canadians there, even they were really there (I am not sure of this, I heard of this partly and put this idea into it).

everyone has something that fits in the history, no any stereotypical, however he has that too! but it’s just secondary about them))


im just wondering….

the self-harm, and especially the suicide rate is kinda high here, in Hungary…

(If you think about it…

No wonder why:



((this is sad but true))

Csatlakozol a Bozolya párthoz Kati?^^ Ha parlamentbe jutunk akkor talán Erdélyt visszafoglaljuk! ~Bogi


a szavazást csak magyar állampolgárok, 18 év felett tehetik meg, így a lakkosságon van a sors.

a számolások megkezdődtek, pár óra múlva már tudhatunk részleges eredményt!

—————————ENG TRANS:——————-

Ask: Are you joining to the Bozolya party, Kati? if we get to the parliament, we might be able to reclaim Transylvania back!

Answer: I myself can’t vote, but I support it.
by the way, the voting has ended, we will see what will happen!
The counting just started, in few hours we will see the result.

((admin: I am just back from it, I voted myself, I didn’t want to answer this question, because I wish to not make political things, and this is the first and last one! and if it was mentioned, I wish hungary just got better after this!
and I didn’t not want to make any political ads here with my opinion by accident.

my own headcanon for countries and politics, they have to be like the current political parties, who leads, they can’t do anything, no voting, no any opinion to share with them, they have to do what their bosses says))